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Stress and Burn Out Management

Trainings on Stress and Burn Out Management for Women Victims of Violence.

This training is designed for:

-Women in Situation of Violence and Environment (Lawyers, Doctors and Psychologists working on judicialized cases).


1) To know and identify the effects of Stress and Burn Out at a physiological and psychological level.

2) To acquire strategies and techniques to counteract the effects of stress and burn out.

3) To incorporate strategies and techniques to develop resilience at the individual and group level.


You will receive an assistance certificate after the training has finalized.

Duration and Structure:

The training has a duration of two hours and its content is structured in two sections.

The first section aims at providing a deeper understanding of exactly how stress affects our body and psyche. It also addresses the variables that trigger our mind and body into a "fight or flight" stress reaction and its long-term effects. Among the physiological effects, one can develop cardiovascular problems and vulnerability to multiple diseases; concerning the psychological issues, one can face anxiety, depression, burn out, among other things.

The second section seeks to offer practical and easy to implement techniques, scientifically proven and endorsed by Harvard, to help generate the so-called "Relaxation Response". This allows teaching people to cope with stress and burn out, allowing them to combat the physiological and psychological effects mentioned above. It also aims to provide psychological strategies to promote resilience, improve mental health and increase the quality of life of the participants.



This training aims to provide participants with the theoretical and practical tools to cope with the stress (chronic and acute) and burn out that comes with the situation of domestic and institutional abuse to which women in situations of violence are subjected for prolonged periods of time. In addition to this stress, the world has changed completely since the pandemic, bringing with it many problems, among them, the exponential increase of people who report feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and depressed, among other symptoms.

Faced with this situation, I decided to specialize in the subject and complete a series of courses, among them, the studies on Stress Management and Positive Psychology at Harvard Medical School as well as specific courses at APA (American Psychological Association). These studies provided me, on the one hand, with the necessary information about what stress and burn out are, how they both affect our bodies and minds; on the other hand, these studies provided me with specific and scientifically proven techniques to counteract the effects of these ailments and promote resilience. The application of the techniques proposed in this training will result in an improvement of the mental health and quality of life of the participants.

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