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Training to "Incluyeme" Disability Specialist

The ONG Casaclub Baires contacted me in order to custom-made a Training on  Mental Health and ways to Include People with PsychoSocial Disabilities in the Work Place. 

"Incluyeme" is a business which specialises in social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities. The training consisted of demystifying mental health myths and offer techniques and ways to include socially and professionally people who suffer of PsychoSocial disabilities such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Major Depression.

The goal was to train HR members so they could better guide their clients (businesses) and offer ways to socially and professionally include people with Psychosocial disabilities.

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I had two roles: the first one consisted of training the members of the ONG, who have one of the diagnosis mentioned above, in order to help them develop communication and organisational skills to participate in the Training. The second one consisted of training the members of Human Resources of "Incluyeme" on Mental health and the many ways to include socially and professionally people with PsychoSocial Disabilities. 

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