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Argerich Hospital

Blue Water

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Classes to the Argerich Hospital Psychiatry Residents. 

I was invited by the Chief of Psychiatry Residents to teach the bases of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how to this therapy  treats Borderline Personality Disorder.


On the first encounter we looked at the history of Cognitive Behavioural Psychology, diving into the different waves this theoretical framework has had.

On the second encounter we delved into the bases of CBT and how it conceptualizes the human mind and the ways it develops dysfunctional patterns, psychopathology etc.. 

On the third class we saw how CBT understands Depression and Anxiety and the different interventions and tools it has in order to treat them. 

On the fourth, and final encounter, we studied the particularities of Borderline Personality Disorder and how this therapy works to alleviate symptoms and develop cognitive, emotional, and conductual tools. 

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