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Psicología Hablante

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On the 5th of January, 2024 at 18:30 Arg time, the Lic. Alvar Mora Pereyra gave the opening to the Radio Program "Psicología Hablante". He presented its origins and how the Idea came to be as well as the purpose for it. 

Spotify Podcast: LINK

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Psicología Hablante

Welcome to "Psicología Hablante", a radio program that dives into the depths of psychology, converting its concepts into an accessible and revealing language. In each episode, we will explore crucial topics such as psychosis, trauma, suicide, resilience, and more, with specialized professionals who will share their knowledge and experiences.


We aim to create a platform where Psychology becomes an understandable and enlightening language. We will break barriers by demystifying concepts, providing valuable information and enriching perspectives. "Psicología Hablante" is a space for deep understanding and reflection, where conversation becomes a transformative tool.


Join us as we explore topics that affect us all and unravel the mysteries of the human mind with the guidance of renowned experts in each field. Join us on this exciting journey filled with revealing dialogues that will illuminate the complexities of Psychology.


This is "Psicología Hablante", a program open to the world, where each episode represents an opportunity to learn, grow and better understand the complexities of the human mind and experience. Welcome to a conversation that transforms!


Creator and Broadcaster: Alvar Mora Pereyra,  Licenciate in Psychology, University Professor and Writer.

To stay updated on our programs and release schedules, follow us on Instagram: @psicologia_hablante.

When there's a live Broadcast listen to us Live on Zenofm:

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